Recipe for Hé Yè Bāo (荷葉包) - Lotus Leaf Buns

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  • 18-20 Lotus Leaf Buns
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  • Divide the dough into 32g balls. Flatten and shape into long ovals. There should be around 18 to 20 equal pieces.
  • Brush a thin layer of sesame oil on one side, then fold in half, oil-side in.
  • Allow to rise, covered, for about 15 minutes
  • Steam in a bamboo steamer for 8-10 minutes, and immediately serve with your choice of filling.

*Bunny Wisdom*

  • Ovals should be about 2½-3 inches (6-7½cm) wide, and about 4½-5 inches (11½-12½cm) long, ample space for all of the yummy filling.
  • Sesame oil is used so that the buns don't stick together while steaming.
  • Utilize whatever steaming vessel you have at home; it doesn't need to be a bamboo steamer. We just like using them here at Everybunny HQ because they infuse a bit of bamboo aroma.
  • Refrigerate any extra steamed buns for 2-3 days, or freeze them for 1 month. To reheat, re-steam them or give them a quick zap in the microwave.

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