Recipe for Ojingeo Bokkeum (오징어볶음) - Spicy Stir-Fried Squid

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  • About 1kg of Spicy Squid
  • Preparation:
  • Cooking:


  • 700g (about 1½ lbs) Squid, cleaned
  • 75g (1 large) Carrot
  • 100g (1 medium) Onion
  • 50g (2 large) Scallions
  • 12g (4½t) Garlic, minced
  • 3g (½T) Ginger, minced
  • 40g (2T) Hot Pepper Paste (Gochujang)
  • 12g (2T) Red Pepper Flakes (Gochugaru)
  • 48g (3T) Soy Sauce
  • 28g (2T) Sesame Oil
  • 8g (2t) Granulated Sugar
  • Chopped Scallion Greens and Sesame Seeds, to finish


  • Clean the squid according to the photos below. If your squid is already cleaned for you, proceed to the next step.
  • Rinse then slice the squid down into edible-size pieces. Set it aside.
  • Rinse, peel, and slice the carrots and onions down: carrots into strips or half-moons, onions into thin wedges, and scallions into 3-inch pieces.
  • Make the seasoning by mixing the rest of the ingredients together.
  • Begin to sauté the carrots in a large pan with some vegetable oil. On medium flame, cook the carrots for 3 minutes, then add the onions and scallions. When the onions begin to turn translucent, add the squid and seasoning.
  • Sauté for 2 minutes, or until it turns opaque.
  • Serve on a large plate with a sprinkle of scallions and sesame seeds, and share with family and friends! Enjoy it with side dishes and a bowl of rice.

*Bunny Wisdom*

  • Squid can often be found skinned and cleaned. Sometimes you may find them without their tentacles. It doesn't really matter how far along the cleaning process they are, as long as you can get it ready for frying. Just remember to peel the membrane off, remove the quill, and endtrails.
  • I slice the body on one side from end to end to open it up, then make shallow hash marks with a knife to allow the sauce to catch on the cut lines.
  • Carrots are sliced in half, lengthwise, then into diagonal half-moons.
  • Instead of using sugar, you can use maltose. Maltose isn't as sweet, so you may need to use more to create a balanced dish. I add some sweetness to this dish due to its spicy nature. You may also find that the carrots and onions might bring enough sweetness to the dish that you can omit the sugar altogether. If you're concerned with adding sugar, wait to add it at the end, instead of adding it to the seasoning.
  • Try not to over cook your squid, as it can get rubbery.
  • The sauce is great mixed in with rice!

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