Recipe for Braised Pork Belly Buns with Radish and Carrot Slaw

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  • About 18-20 Buns
  • Preparation:


One recipe each of:


  • Set out at least a half-dozen plates and place 2 to 3 buns on each plate. Stuff 2 slices of pork belly in each bun, with a sprig of cilantro and some mustard greens (if you choose to have them). Put some slaw onto each, and serve it as an appetizer to a meal.
  • If you want to enjoy this as a meal on its own, place a couple more buns onto each plate, with all of the fixings.

*Bunny Wisdom*

  • This recipe does well as an appetizer to a small party, and also works well as a sit-down meal. Plan accordingly: if each person is eating 2 buns, there are enough pairs for at least 8-9 small plates. If each person is eating 4 buns, it works out to 4-5 plates. Increase each of the recipes listed, if you find that you'll be having more guests.
  • Pickled mustard greens can be found at many Asian grocery stores. We got ours from the Japanese market, but Chinese markets also carry these greens. They're slightly different in seasoning and usually come in larger chunks, but work just as well.
  • If you like extra seasoning, you can add more pork belly glaze.

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