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Chewy and Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Happy National Cookie Day! In honor of this food holiday, I whipped up a batch of the ubiquitous chocolate chip cookie. They’re everywhere! You can find them soft, chewy, cakey, crunchy, and everything in-between, and they are one of the easiest things to make.

When I was little, I read the recipes on those bags of chocolate chip morsels at the grocery store. I was eager to go home and bake and eat them straight from the oven. I didn’t think there was anything better than a warm cookie made from a foolproof recipe… until I realized that I *could* make it better!
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Baechu Geotjeori (배추 겉절이) – Fresh Cabbage Kimchi

Fresh Cabbage Kimchi

Fresh Cabbage Kimchi (배추 겉절이 – baechu geotjeori) is often made with smaller napa cabbages for their tender leaves and natural sweetness. It is prepared slightly differently than regular Cabbage Kimchi, and eaten right away instead of waiting for the dish to ferment. My hubby loves to eat this side dish (반찬 – banchan) because of the roasted nuttiness of the sesame oil juxtaposed with the freshness of the cabbage; it creates wonderful layers of texture and flavor.

It’s great to make this kimchi during the Summer months without the hassle of turning your burners on; you can equally enjoy geotjeori in the cooler months with a protein dish like Grilled Sliced Brisket (차돌박이 – chadolbaegi), or a steaming bowl of rice with a variety of side dishes.
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Mak Kimchi (막김치) – Simple Cabbage Kimchi

Mak Kimchi (막김치) - Simple Cabbage Kimchi

Cabbage Kimchi (배추김치 – baechu kimchi, baechu kimchee) is a staple in Korean households. It’s always in the center of a family dinner table, and eaten with almost every meal. Whole Cabbage Kimchi is often made in large amounts during the cooler months of October and November, so by Winter, families can enjoy the vegetables from the harvest season. I remember my grandma making kimchi during the Autumn months, while my mom would assist her in the preparation of ingredients.

This side dish (반찬 – banchan) can be made in a multitude of ways, and flavors differ according to the region. Northern-style kimchi is less spicy than their Southern neighbors, and the coastal areas make their kimchi with whole pieces of fish or fermented fish; but the most basic method (막김치 – mak kimchi, mak kimchee) is cutting the cabbage to smaller-size pieces, and adding fish sauce with rice paste to help with fermentation and flavor. It has the balance of spicy, salty, sweet, and umami flavors.
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